I have been in the Sukyo Mahikari organisation since February 1994 and have been helped enormously by the Light of God and the practice of the divine teachings. I am also a computer enthusiast and surf the web as part of my job. That is why I have found it regrettable that there are many misconceptions and unjustified criticism of Sukyo Mahikari on the web. To me it is clear that many things published are completely wrong. I would like to provide this website for actual practitioners of Sukyo Mahikari to give their views and experiences.

Sukyo Mahikari is an international spiritual organisation that was founded in 1959 by Mr. Y. Okada, who received a direct revelation to raise your hand and purify the world.

Existing in more than a hundred countries worldwide, it is an organisation devoted to improving the life and circumstances of human beings and all living things. This is achieved through the practice of the art of True Light and by living according to universal principles. The art of True Light is the practice of radiating a purifying energy from the hand. Both the ability to practise the art of True Light and an understanding of the universal principles are introduced to new members at the three-day introductory or primary course.

It is taught that as much as 80% of the problems that people face in their health and wellbeing are due to spiritual reasons. The practice of the art of True Light removes the accumulation of life-threatening impurities from the body, as well as it relieves a person's soul of many spiritual impurities, which he may have been born with, inherited from his ancestors, or gathered in his present lifetime. By practising the art of True Light and the principles, a person is easily able to achieve many things conducive to good health and wellbeing, not only for him but also for those with whom he lives, works or interacts.

Sukyo Mahikari literature abounds with testimonials on the effectiveness of this art. Members of Sukyo Mahikari have in many instances been allowed to help people, where conventional and unconventional health practices have fallen short. People without any present health problems are further compensated by True Light and usually lead long, active lives.

Combining the practice of the universal principles with the art of True Light allows a person to live in close harmony with the unwritten laws of the universe, which govern the prosperity and wellbeing of all living things. In his book, "Is the Future in Our Hands?" Dr. A.K. Tebecis (2004) outlines how the introduction of these principles is changing the practice of health care, agriculture, education, economics and science around the world. Even government departments in different countries and world-class universities are adopting several of these principles into their practices and instruction.

A member may give the True Light to anyone, anywhere, but it is recommended that a beginner receive True Light at a Mahikari Centre where he may experience a change in condition and confirm the effectiveness of the practice. No charge is made for the practice of the True Light.

Ugan Reddy
IT Specialist
South Africa

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